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Maurizio Arcieri (Krisma) "Peter and the Wolf" / "Pierino e il lupo" - narrating voice (1976)
"Peter and the Wolf" was a pan-european project: the LP, which was released in five versions - each one with a different narrator - features several famuos musicians and comes with a set of 10 big color illustrations to which one can refer while listening to the songs.
"This is a story about a little boy called Peter and the day he met a horrid wolf.
You will soon get to know Peter and his friends in this adventure because they all have their own special musical sounds"

"Voici l'histoire d'un petit garçon appelé Pierre, le jour où il rencontra un horrible loup.
Vous allez bientôt faire la connoissance de Pierre et de ses amis, parce qu'ils ont chacun d'entre eux une musique qui leur est propre."

"Dies ist die Geschichte eines kleines Jungen, der Peter heißt. Eines Tages begegnet er einem furchterregenden, großen Wolf.
Ihr werdet Peter und seine Freunde in dieser abenteuerlichen Geschichte gleich kennenlernen, wenn Ihr genau zuhört. Denn jeder von ihnen hat seine eigene Musik."

"Questa è la storia di un bambino di nome Pierino e del giorno in cui incontrò un ferocissimo lupo.
Riconoscerete subito Pierino e i suoi amici perchè ognuno di loro ha uno speciale "sound" musicale."

"Esta es la historia di un niño llamado Pedro. Queremos presentaros a Pedro y a todos sus amigos en esta formidable aventura.
Todos lo personajes del cuento tienen sus particulares sonidos musicales."

Produced by Jack Lancaster, Robin Lumley and Denis McKay by arrangements with the Robert Stigwood Organisation.
Recorded at Trident Studios, London.
Graphics: Terry Barham, Illustrations: Mike Cosford.
Special thanks to Nigel Haines, Peter Sibley & Rupert Hine.

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