Friday, December 21, 2012

Maurizio Arcieri "Il Mare Tra Le Mani" (1971)
1967: some members of The New Dada follow Maurizio as supporting group.
"Ballerina" and "Il comizio" are released. In the spring of the same year the remaining members of The New Dada support the Rolling Stones in their Roman concert.
1968/1970: Maurizio participates at the "Disco per l'Estate" Festival with "Cinque Minuti e poi..."; the song is one of the greatest hits of the year and the leit-motiv of "Quelli belli siamo noi" ("We Are the Beautiful Ones"), a successful "musicarello" (musical comedy movie) in which Maurizio acts and sings some of his hits. The movie features - among others - Carlo Dapporto, Carlo delle Piane, Isabella Biagini, Ric e Gian and a young Loredana Bertè.
The album "Maurizio" - 1970 is released.
1971/1975: the albums "Maurizio" - 1975 (a collection of Maurizio's cool seventies singles), and "Trasparenze" (a progressive experiment) are released.
Maurizio is then chosen as the Italian narrator for the pan-european album "Peter and the Wolf", a Polydor project that involves Brian Eno, Phil Collins, Alvin Lee, Manfred Mann and many others.

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